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Telehouse’s Internet Services provide high-speed internet access, with direct connections to a large number of other carrier backbones.

Our data centre network connectivity services also provide effective communication between all Telehouse Docklands sites via any IP-capable device that uses an Ethernet connection. Our Ethernet VLAN offers a fast, resilient, transparent connection between all your equipment situated across our entire campus.

These services are available at all locations in the Telehouse Docklands Campus and include 24/7 network monitoring and service desk assistance.

Global network connection services

Full-scale and end to end

Our international network lets you build full-mesh global networks with overseas locations

Secure and high-quality

Our global network service uses advanced multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) technology

International connections

Efficient integrated management and seamless network services at over 150 locations

Flexible and cost-effective

Pricing is optimised for mesh networks - easily expand, alter, add locations or accelerate

Robust backup system

Route diversity is ensured by redundant transmission cables and multiple cable routes

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Internet Services

Global network services

Ethernet VLAN services

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If you’d like to discuss Telehouse’s network connection services, just get in touch. Or, learn more about Telehouse and KDDI’s global coverage.

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