Telehouse statement – Coronavirus

Telehouse provides high-performance, secure and reliable data centre interconnection throughout its ecosystem of carriers. The Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect is one of the most highly connected ecosystems in the world. Our carrier-neutral data centres bring together more than 800 connectivity partners for a wealth of business possibilities. These include leading global internet exchanges and internet service providers, major mobile, cloud, network and content providers, and more.

Businesses that can’t compromise on latency, security and reliability choose Telehouse. Whether you need to connect your systems across local data centres, or connect central services to international sites, we make connections you can rely on.

Data centre interconnection at Telehouse

Access new opportunities, diversify your services and close the gap between content and users with Telehouse. We provide a point of presence in a hub of possibilities.

Where the world’s data traffic meets

We host the world’s most important internet hubs, including the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and other key platforms from around the world.

Neutrality is our strength

Our carrier-neutral data centres aren’t aligned with any one network vendor, so you’re free to connect with the best partners or providers for you.

Connect to key cloud providers

Form strategic links with leading public and private cloud service providers via a secure, private connection with predictable and scalable bandwidth.

Fast and efficient cross connects

Our dedicated team of on-site engineers can connect your network to partners in our ecosystem using a wide range of full cabling options.

Telehouse is renowned for industry-leading operational excellence. We pride ourselves on fulfilling requests and answering queries with the highest level of responsiveness, communication and customer satisfaction.

Connect with Telehouse today

If you’d like to learn more about data centre interconnection at Telehouse, just get in touch. Or you can find out more about our leading London data centres.

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